Feeling underwater?

Feeling underwater?

How Therapy Works

Graphic image of the initials JM (for Jen Maund) revealed by a magnifying glass

My Job

I help us form a relationship with each other by establishing trust and creating a safe space for us to explore. I provide an anchor as you delve into frightening and uncertain places that you may not have previously acknowledged. I witness and validate your experience and I encourage you to practice new ways of being and relating. Together we open doors and venture in.

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Your Job

You show up on time and make a commitment to therapy and to yourself. You pay for your sessions and let me know when you cannot make an appointment. You do your best to be open and honest. You will learn how to pay attention to your reactions and to discover what thoughts and feelings are behind those reactions. You will discover your patterns of relating and behaving. You will discover you.

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How It Helps

Change happens slowly. It is not a linear process, but more like a spiral moving in many different directions. Practice patience. Explore your impatience.

Therapy helps you become more aware, and with that awareness, to practice new ways of interacting with yourself and the world. It helps you choose rather than react. It helps you to find your authentic self and to learn how to be that self with others.